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Point-to-Point Microwave Radio Equipment for Data and Voice Communication


PtPR Product Line

HTP provides affordable IP-based, PDH and SDH Data Microwave Solutions. Our wireless systems are commonly used for both public and private networks. They are perfect for voice and data communications.

Know-how in modern wireless data transmission technologies makes HTP a unique designer and manufacturer of point-to-point microwave data transmission equipment. Due to increased demand for high data rate channels, growing pressure on operators to shorten the deployment times, the need to shorten time of the return on investments and changing demands for the services from the customers, we have developed our Point-to-Point radio system.

HTP PtPR is a safe and affordable wireless communications Point-to-Point system. Our digital radios provide high capacity (up to 933 Mbps) transmission, flexibility, features and convenience for wireless communications networks. It provides voice and data transmission in both urban and rural areas covering up to 60 km distance between two sites. HTP PtPR series digital point-to-point radios represent a new microwave radio product line that is designed to address universal applications for both PDH and SDH platforms. This advanced technology platform is designed to provide flexibility to customers currently and in the future.

Combined with IPSEC protocol support and Internet Key Exchange (IKE v2) management, information security is maintained over backhaul network equipment such as switches and routers, or even the Internet.

PtPR family is composed of an Indoor Unit (INDR) and Outdoor Unit (OUTD). Indoor Unit is designed to be frequency independent while Outdoor Unit - capacity independent.

PtPR-INDR is based upon a common platform to support wide range of network interfaces and configurations, including from 2xE1 to 63xE1, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 1 or 2 STM-1, SFP and combination of these interfaces.

Any PtPR IDU is a modular multiplexer component for our PtPR microwave radiolink system featuring modular design. For PtPR-INDR: modem module, power supply module, management module and traffic modules. As well PtPR-INDR allows selection for multiple capacity options, modulation types, radio frequency channels and transmit output power levels to accommodate and adhere to world-wide regulatory and spectral efficiency requirements. The companion OUTD, mounted outdoors, can support frequency bands: 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26 and 38 GHz.

PtPR-INDR supports 1+0, 2+0 and hitless switching for HSB or SD/FD 1+1 protection, as well as ring architectures in a single 1U chassis. 3+0 and 4+0 configurations can be implemented with use of an additional INDR unit. XPIC functionality allows using one channel in both polarizations.

The HTP radio family is spectrum and data rate scalable, enabling service providers or organizations to employ appropriate system gain with spectral efficiency and channel availability for optimal network connectivity. The radio enables network operators (mobile and private), government and access service providers to offer a portfolio of secure, scalable wireless applications for data, video and voice.

The equipment includes integrated Operations, Administration. Maintenance and Provisioning functionality and design features enabling simple commissioning when the radio network is initially set up in the field at the customer's premises.

Our Outdoor Units have:


Our Indoor Units' basic configuration includes:


Our equipment supports different types of traffic like E1, Ethernet and V.35. Flexibility and easy installation of HTP  equipment makes it preferable for Cellular, Fixed, ISP, Corporate, Local Government and other private or public network. The first HTP microwave radio systems are successfully used in the networks of utility companies in the electric, gas and other sectors. Remote monitoring, video, and site interconnectivity applications require low latency, high reliability, and high capacity capability of licensed band solutions from HTP. Join the ever-growing number of satisfied HTP customers!