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Fiber Optic Data links and Radio-over-Fiber equipment


A fiber optic data link sends input data through fiber optic components and provides this data as output information. It consists of an optical transmitter, receiver and optical fiber link.

Hi-Tech Projects analog fiber optic data link is designed to convert a 0-10VDC signal into a fiber optic signal for transmission via a fiber optic cable up to 10 000 ft (3 000 m). Once received the fiber optic signal is then converted back into a direct proportional analog 0-10VDC signal via a receiver unit. No field adjustments are required. Simply apply power, connect the two units with fiber optic cable and supply the input signal to the transmitter.

These fiber optic contact closures can be used to transmit contact closure data up to 16,000 ft (5,000 m) with 200µm cable. The rail mount enclosures enable easy installation on industry standard hardware. Transmitter that is being used provides a closed contact signal to the receiver, which activates a single pole, double throw relay.

At Hi-Tech Projects SIA we use fiber optic links to its most extend. Whether you need to deliver CATV or Internet service to rural areas, or to establish a multipoint data communication network for industrial facility that will interconnect HQ with a manufacturing site – we are here to help! To get even more out of your project we recommend using radio over fiber technology.

It significantly reduces power consumption, cable weight and physical footprint while gaining best price/performance for high-speed, secured RF communication over long distances. Our RF over Fiber product line is designed to convert analog (or digital) RF signals into optical and back in hybrid RF/Optical environment.

This is exclusively useful if you want to create a high-speed WiMAX access point (or any other wireless protocol communication line) capable of delivering broadband service to vast areas.

There are many more applications for fiber optic data links and radio-over-fiber equipment. Please refer to us for more information and technical assistance with your project.