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Blupoint Security

Fiber Optic Data links

Satellite Network equipment and services

3G video surveillance camera

GPS/GSM Terminal



Lattag System

Low consumption
efficient energy

Equipment for satellite Radio, Internet and Datacom operating in super high frequency range


High-Tech Projects manufacturers, sells, install and repair a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial satellite equipment - we carry Radio, Internet and Datacom equipment. Our main scope is delivering Internet and data communication service to rural areas where cable, DSL, fiber and wireless access is not possible to obtain. We are the experts in setting up satellite telecommunication data links for commercial and industrial customers whose applications require unparalleled performance and data transfer speed. If it comes to design, engineering and project management for SATCOM projects in Baltic region – Hi-Tech Projects is your number one partner.

Our SATCOM terminals allow you to simultaneously send and receive IP packet and circuit switched data via USB, Ethernet, ISDN and WLAN protocols. Each project is fully customizable, with ability to support most of commercially available satellite communication networks.

Hi-Tech Projects offers exclusive solutions for your portable/stationary satellite voice and data communications needs. It combines voice and data communication with additional interface capabilities. The communication units have rugged design, comfortable to operate, containing a bunch of easy to use features. They are ideal for all types of terrain and show great performance within harsh weather conditions. With a range of antennas, backpacks and battery types to consider we can configure the system to fully suit your application.

The Hi-Tech Projects offers to design, manufacture and install remote control and automation equipment available with Blupoint smarthouse project to make possible to control every physical and technological aspect of your home, industrial or scientific object in the back of beyond.