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Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association - LEtERA - is an independent, voluntary and non-governmental public organization founded in 1995. LEtERA unites companies, research and educational institutions registered and operating in Latvia, whose activities are related to Industry of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Information and Communications Technology. LEtERA is established in order to search for solution of different problems, which are common to several sectors of ITTE branch; supports cooperation with other branch associations in Latvia, as well as related organizations of European countries.  


Volburg volb_250

Volburg Ltd. is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Company and specialized in manufacturing of electronic assemblies (PCBA) and modules since its establishment in 1996. Volburg pays high attention to development of new technologies and products with a primary objective to meet expectations and needs of its customers.


Baltic Embedded be

Baltic Embedded is an innovative ICT and electronics company, focussing on bringing Google's open source Operating System – Android – into electronical products and gadgets outside the classical smartphone environment. Baltic Embedded is developing solutions on the findings in the environment around Embedded Android, a novel field in the world of electronics, with big challenges for the first moves of the business.


Hipoteku Banka hb

The mission of the Mortgage bank is: in cooperation with its clients, assist them to implement their ideas and dreams, raise the welfare of clients and the bank itself by sharing the contribution into development of the national economy of Latvia. The Mortgage bank has based its development strategy and operation on the following fundamental values: client satisfaction, continuous perfection, operation quality and efficiency, positive competitiveness, financial stability, long-term prospective, shared vision of future, teamwork, employee recognition, satisfaction and health, improvement of the bank.

Global Trade Group gtg

GLOBAL TRADE GROUP HOLDING - is an international diversified holding company, founded in 2012. It includes three companies: Global Trade Group Holding LLC (Latvia), Ltd. UralParts-Group (Russia), and KM Electronics LLC (USA). Create holding an additional incentive for the development of all three companies. By expanding its sphere of influence, the turnover of the companies of the Holding increased by one third.


Computers Guard cg

Ražošanas komercfirma SIA "Computers Guard" была создана в 1996 году на базе коллектива вычислительного центра Министерства Финансов Латвийской республики. Фирма специализируется в области применения информационных и телекоммуникационных технологий во всех сферах производства, коммерческой и научной деятельности.