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Hi-Tech Projects Ltd. experience in industrial research, elaborations and production

1980-1985. Development of Auto electronic panel's indications scheme and research of options, compatibility of the electric scheme with sensors that are already in production, development of power Supply and its compatibility with electrical system of a definite automobile, research of electric and electromagnetic interference of the finished product.

1986-1988. Regulation automation of electronic boards of communication equipment. Using a computer in the process of regulating and testing the electronic boards of communication equipment, development of workplaces of radio regulators and implantation in the process of production. Development of coded communication system for the complex Baikonur.

1989-1994. Development and application of movement sensors and other safety system sensors at real estate objects and automobiles, development of microprocessor control panel.

1995-2000. Development and patenting of auto safety systems Implantation of paging communication system into auto safety systems, applications of latest microprocessors in the electronic schemes, accession to the auto wiring and selection of cut-off circuits. Member of the board of HTP Ltd. is author of patent Nr.11447 Vehicle's immobilizers.

2000-2003. Development of Auto immobilizer series. Development of modular auto immobilizer series with personal radio code keys.

2004. Development and work management at the objects of projects for fire safety automatics. The relevant certificate exists.

2004-2007. Development of high-security coding immobilizer series. Acquiring of 2,5 GHz frequency in auto electronics, use of two-way encrypted communications in personal receivers, acquiring of high-security cryptography, use of accelerometer (motion acceleration sensor) in auto safety systems. Development of production complex.

2008-2009. Development of elements for fleet management system. Use of GSM and GPS communication system in auto safety systems, utilization of auto CAN lines, use of accelerometer in Determination of GPS coordinates and character of the impact. Development of industrial and testing complex for the new generation products.

2009-2011. Development of agricultural machinery control and protection system. Development of GPS system of car fuel control.

2012-2013. Real estate wireless GSM protection system, it's implementation in production, developed within European Structural Funds.